Razom Culture celebrates and promotes awareness of Ukraine’s vibrant art and culture through a variety of collaborations and events. 

The culture of Ukraine is deep and diverse, growing from an ancient and richly complex heritage. By reminding people of their unique and fascinating heritage and exploring the Ukrainian art for contemporary life, we can reignite the sort of pride that allows Ukraine to emerge from the shadows of its past and write its own future.



OUR MISSION is to focus on three areas:



Artist Network. Mobilizing artists around the world to collaborate on projects related to Ukrainian culture


PromotionActing as a media sponsor for other cultural projects that align with the goals of the initiative


Cultural EventsOrganization of film screenings, fashion shows, photo exhibits, poetry readings, theater performances, music concerts that represent contemporary Ukrainian art culture



RAZOM Book Club

Together We Read Ukrainian

UCMF 2021

New Music from Ukraine to New York


100 Years of Cultural Diplomacy

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Kharkiv, the vibrant heart of northeastern Ukraine and its second-largest city, faces a brutal reality. As a major center of culture, education, and industry, Kharkiv, like Mariupol, Kherson, and other cities, faces unjust and unwarranted destruction.


Razom is doing everything we can to respond to the needs on the ground in Kharkiv, delivering aid through our programs.


Donate today and stand with Kharkiv!