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Razom, which means “together” in Ukrainian, was formed in 2014 to support Ukrainians in their quest for freedom. For nine years, we steadfastly built connections and partnerships with dozens of organizations. Our success is rooted in these collaborations. We create spaces where people meet, partner and act.


When russia invaded Ukraine for the second time in 2022, this network proved invaluable. By working together [Razom], we were able to funnel critical humanitarian aid quickly and effectively to where it was needed most. With your help, we strengthened and solidified our network, so we can scale and continue to support Ukraine now and in the years ahead.

As of 12/31/2022. Includes in-kind contributions. Chart based on our preliminary financials.
*This figure includes expenses related to cultural programming, the Ukraine Response Initiative for displaced persons from Ukraine, ongoing projects such as Razom Toy Drive, and the Partners Program.

For More Comprehensive and Detailed Information View or Download Our Reports in PDF:

In 2022, Razom for Ukraine has focused on these five critical areas of support:

RAZOM HEALTH: Supporting Ukraine’s health systems


Building a healthcare system with the supplies and skills to serve Ukrainians now and after victory.


When war-torn hospitals need ultrasounds and wound vacs, Razom is there.


  • 419 medical facilities in Ukraine received equipment and supplies, including ultrasounds, wound vacs, electrosurgery machines, orthopedic fixators and more


  • ■ Delivered 23 hospital-grade generators so doctors could continue delivering critical care, even when the lights were out


  • ■ Launched 2 mental health centers in Ukraine with 800 individuals served (65% using mental health services for the first time)

RAZOM HEROES: Stop the bleeding


Delivering life-saving aid to the first responders and front-line medics.


When a defender in a remote field needs a tourniquet, Razom is there.


  • ■ Deployed in-house order tracking software and Ukraine-wide delivery system where Razom drivers take aid directly to the hot zones


  • ■ Delivered over 500 tons of life-saving supplies totaling over $40M


  • ■ Packed and delivered almost 90,000 Individual First Aid Kits and over 2,000 medical backpacks

RAZOM RELIEF: Help civilians rebuild and continue to strengthen civil society


Investing in vetted grass-roots NGO organizations in Ukraine that supply aid to vulnerable communities.


When families are displaced, hungry, sick, or in danger, Razom is there.


  • $5M in grants awarded to a network of 123 volunteer organizations in Ukraine that help local communities


  • ■ These organizations distributed 221,458 food packages to people in need, evacuated 9,640 people, renovated 91 buildings including 11 shelters, and supported 18 shelters that provided 2,375 sleeping places


  • ■ Delivered 90 generators and 50 charging stations to resilience points, shelters and humanitarian hubs

RAZOM ADVOCACY: Stop the bombing


Advancing bipartisan policy and engaging constituents and community leaders in the U.S. in support of a secure and democratic Ukraine.


When the world needs to hear the truth about russia’s actions and aggression, Razom is there.


  • ■ Organized more than 525 meetings with congressional offices to ask for critical support for Ukraine


  • ■ Co-founded American Coalition for Ukraine (ACU) uniting 57 diverse organizations and constituents from 50 states


  • ■ Held inaugural Ukraine Action Summit in Washington, D.C., a fly-in event with over 250 constituents from all over the country participating

RAZOM CULTURE: Connect Ukraine to the world


Amplifying voices from Ukraine in the U.S. and around the world through educational programs, volunteer opportunities, and the arts.


When the world needs to hear voices from Ukraine, Razom is there.


  • ■ Organized the concert to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Shchedryk’s (Carol of the Bells) premiere at Carnegie Hall with Ukrainian and Ukrainian- American artists and celebrity guests


  • Funded filmmakers from Ukraine to attend international film festivals (including Sundance and the Academy Awards) so people could hear directly from creators and make connections


  • ■ Supported multiple cultural exchanges, book clubs, and concerts

Thank you for volunteering your time, donating funds, making introductions, and supporting our efforts together.