Hromadske Radio is a public radio broadcaster that delivers news and information programs over the air in Ukraine and online around the world. This non-profit media company is unusual for Ukraine because Hromadske Radio is funded by listeners and by grants. It remains independent from both Ukrainian government and commercial interests. The tag line of Hromadske Radio is: Listen. Think. Слухайте. Думайте.

Razom has worked with Hromadske Radio to make contacts in the US and in Europe to create new programming and to apply for grants, as well as to raise money directly for the group.

Hromadske Radio started as a podcast in the summer of 2013; the events of Maidan accelerated its growth as journalists looked to a place where they could cover the events free of commercial and governmental interest. Today, the station has a variety of programs including several that are geared to audiences in the Donbas. You can listen to their programs online at You will hear from people with a wide variety of views. You might not agree with what everyone has to say, but you will hear different points of view. Hromadske Radio brings a variety of guests to their studios. They also collaborate with various organizations to make programs. Some of their work is aired on the Suspilne channel, which is funded by the government of Ukraine.

Through the years, Razom has collaborated with the team at Hromadske Radio to bring a team to the United States in 2016. In 2017, Hromadske Radio got a grant with Project Kesher to be part of a public health education campaign.

Razom and Hromadske Radio are working together to build an informed electorate in Ukraine.

A diverse media landscape is a core component of a successful democracy. Razom applauds the work of the professional journalists, engineers, and managers at Hromadske Radio who have been growing this organization to be a sustainable and important part of the fabric of the society.

Note: Hromadske Radio is a non-profit organization in Ukraine. It is separate from the Hromadske TV organization, but the leaders and the journalists of both organizations are friendly with each other.



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