Legal reports offer an in-depth legal analysis of the issues relevant to Ukraine with recommendations to the governments of Ukraine, Russia and the international community. Razom has produced two reports: “Crisis In Ukraine: Its Legal Dimensions” and “Human Rights on Occupied Territory: Case of Crimea”.

Crisis In Ukraine: Its Legal Dimensions

Released April 14, 2014


The report provides recommendations on the ongoing crisis and armed conflict in Ukraine. The report was prepared for Razom by a team of highly trained international lawyers has outlined legal conclusions on Eastern Ukraine; the annexation of Crimea; the Budapest Memorandum on international security guarantees; and the human rights and humanitarian law at issue.


The international team prepared their Report as pro bono service while studying at NYU School of Law. The well-documented 76-page Report covers all the critical legal aspects of the conflict. The Report, with exhaustive citations, covers the right of secession; crimes of aggression; critical energy security issues; sanctions imposed to date; and military law.


Released June 15, 2015


The report illustrates the background of the crisis, analyzes the human rights in Crimea, including economic, social and cultural rights, and gives recommendations to improve the current situation to the Ukrainian and Russian governments, international community and civil society. A crucial part of this report is a Human Rights Protection Manual which aims to provide Crimeans of all ethnic and religious groups with access to justice by explaining their fundamental rights. It is Razom’s intent and hope that this Manual will help lay people in Crimea learn how to protect their rights.

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