Veteranius aims to help veterans, volunteers and internally displaced persons to try, learn and gain work experience in IT. The goal is not just to teach but to employ and involve participants in socially important projects.



The main Veteranius objective is to give Ukrainian veterans their first job in IT.


Experienced industry professionals teach veterans to develop and implement IT skills hands-on.


Every student has an opportunity to work on real projects in teams. This approach helps the veterans learn a new skill faster and facilitates professional adaptation and socialization.

We provide the participants with the necessary equipment for work

Real business environment and the support of experienced developers

Regular classes with psychologists and psychotherapists

We ensure constant work and further development in the IT field


IT Boot Camp

The course provides training in the basics of programming (JavaScript, Python, PHP) and databases (SQL) and will also help to acquire both hard and soft skills necessary to land the first job in the IT field.

Special Unit Cisco

The course introduces students to a network’s architecture, models, protocols, and elements, including IP addressing and Ethernet fundamentals. Students will learn how to create simple local area networks (LANs) and perform basic router and switch settings.

Special Forces 12

This challenging 6-month course is created thanks to the Veterans Reintegration Program by IREX and the Association for Psychological Counseling and Trauma Therapy. Upon successful completion, a participant can become a Junior Developer (Frontend, Backend, or Full Stack) or a Junior Project Manager.


Designed for people who already know IT and want to enter the cybersecurity field, this course is also created in partnership with IREX. The participants learn about the latest updates in the industry and perform practical tasks to solve cybersecurity issues with the help of virtual computers. 

Core team

Lyuba Shipovich

Lyuba Shipovich

“I’m not entirely sure whether I am teaching veterans or learning from them myself. I am learning endurance, motivation, purposefulness. It’s an opportunity to help those ready to sacrifice the most precious thing – their lives – for the protection of our Motherland and our peaceful sky. The most important thing is not knowledge and skills. The most valuable is communication and mutual support, being a team.”

Dmytro Kavun

Dmytro Kavun

“Working with veterans for me is about a level of deep respect for people who defend their country and an opportunity to give back to the community. It is an inspiring experience and an opportunity to learn myself.”

Anastasiya Lashchuk

Anastasiya Lashchuk

“Veterans have always been an example for me to follow. As a child, I dreamed that when I grew up, I would join the army. Now that I have grown up, I did not succeed in joining the army, but the desire remained. I found myself in this project. I like the feeling that I can be useful here.”

Maksym Nazaruk

Maksym Nazaruk

“For me, first of all, it is an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with the participants. Along with teaching others, I constantly improve my own skills, discover something new, and refresh already mastered materials.”


In early 2020, together with the BWN Group Razom launched the Veteranius project to help Ukrainian veterans, volunteers and internally displaced persons master programming skills. The initial participants of Veteranius already have jobs in IT and act as mentors for project newcomers.


Thanks to the financial support of the International Renaissance Foundation and European Union in Ukraine within the humanitarian initiative “Humanity and Mutual Assistance”, as well as the BWN Group IT company, Razom expanded the project in August 2020 and now more veterans are able to join and benefit from the project. 


During the program, participants receive real tasks on projects that require software development. Their work is supported and supervised by mentors. With time, the project is aimed to transform into a permanent IT incubator. 


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