Razom Think works to incorporate perspectives from Ukraine into the academic agenda of western nations through collaboration with universities, think tanks, non-profits, and Ukrainian leaders.

From a university classroom in New York to Capitol Hill in Washington D.C., Razom holds panels, roundtables, and various discussions on topics relevant to Ukraine with students and experts. Our goal is to encourage educated discussion of the issues relevant to Ukraine.


Razom Think provides support to the production of in-depth research into the most relevant issued to today’s Ukraine. Key projects include: 


Legal Reports

Legal analyses of the issues relevant to Ukraine with recommendations to the governments of Ukraine, Russia and the international community. Razom has produced two reports up to date: “Crisis In Ukraine: Its Legal Dimensions” and “Human Rights on Occupied Territory: Case of Crimea”.


U.S. Policy on Ukraine Report

The U.S. Policy on Ukraine: Challenges and Opportunities report aims to provide readers with a detailed, nuanced view of U.S. policy toward Ukraine and to give concrete recommendations for maximizing policy effectiveness. The report was prepared to help spark and facilitate discussions about why Ukraine matters to the U.S., what the impediments are to Ukraine’s political and economic stability, and what can be done to ameliorate the humanitarian crisis ensuing from the Donbas War.


OKO Media Monitoring

Volunteer project «OKO» continuously monitors media image of Ukraine in press across the world. Combining technology for automatic collection of data and immense volunteer work to review and classify news articles, project OKO produces reports daily, weekly, and special reports on how Ukraine is portrayed in the media around the world.

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Kharkiv, the vibrant heart of northeastern Ukraine and its second-largest city, faces a brutal reality. As a major center of culture, education, and industry, Kharkiv, like Mariupol, Kherson, and other cities, faces unjust and unwarranted destruction.


Razom is doing everything we can to respond to the needs on the ground in Kharkiv, delivering aid through our programs.


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