All-American #StandWithUkraine Telethon

On Tuesday 22 March, put aside 15 minutes to call your Representatives in Congress and demand more support for Ukraine. It’s easy, but the impact is real. Join us!

On Tuesday, March 22, call your representatives in Congress and demand more support for Ukraine. 
Click here to join the Facebook event. Mark your calendar now!

Here’s how:

  1. Set aside 15 minutes in your day on Tuesday 22 March between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.
  2. Click here to find your Representatives.
  3. Call each of your Representatives at the listed number. Yes, you must call each one of them.
  4. If there is an option to leave a message – leave a message. If someone from the Representative’s office picks up, ask to leave a message for the Representative.
  5. Here’s the script:

My name is __________, my zip code is _________, and I am calling as a (Ukrainian-American) constituent of Representative ____________ who is concerned about russia’s violent war against Ukraine. I demand more support for Ukraine on any and all levels possible so that Ukraine can win the war and protect the values of liberty, freedom, and democracy for us all. The US government should be doing everything possible to help Ukraine win the war. Russia’s assault on Ukraine is an assault on us all.

As my representative I strongly ask you to advocate to:

1.  Increase military spending for military planes, anti-aircraft and anti-tank weapons for Ukraine. Support Ukraine to protect its airspace and defend itself. 

2. Increase targeted sanctions against Russian oligarchs and elites who stash assets and money in the US. 

3. Increase monetary, military, and humanitarian support for Ukraine, and work with Ukraine’s strategic partners around the world to increase this support multilaterally.

All of these actions are critical for our country’s security. Thank you for representing my concerns in these urgent issues.   

(Feel free to customize the script as you see fit. Feel free to tell a short, personal story.)

  1. Call or text a friend and ask them to call their Representatives in Congress, too. Give them these instructions.
  2. Post on social media that you’ve just finished calling your Representatives in Congress and demanding more support for Ukraine. Use the hashtags #StandWithUkraine and #PlanesForUkraine. 
  3. That’s it! You’ve probably saved some lives by just making a few phone calls. 

Ukraine thanks you!


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