Razom Partners Meet in Kharkiv

In August 2019, representatives from all Razom Partner organizations met up in Kharkiv for the first time. Volunteers from many organizations spent 2 days working together: swapping stories and sharing expertise.

To mark five years of Razom, we decided to do something big, so we invited all of our awesome partners in Ukraine to a weekend of strategic planning for the next five years in the beautiful Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. This was the first time all of our partners were in one place at one time and the result was incredible. So many different people doing so many great things for Ukraine, all motivated by their dream of a prosperous, democratic, and peaceful Ukraine – it was an event like no other, and we can’t wait to do it again.

Kharkiv served as the perfect setting for our busy weekend. Thanks to all the Razom Board Members for their planning and organization of this momentous occasion (it was months in the making), and especially Dora Chomiak, Oksana Falenchuk, Maryna Prykhodko, and dedicated volunteer Maria Genkin who were there for the meeting in person. Maria Lemberg was an effective moderator who was able to corral a diverse and passionate bunch of people.

Special thanks to all the wonderful venues which hosted us so well in Kharkiv, despite there being more than 30 of us at times. We met at Хаб Говерла and continued discussions over delicious food at Jord and Дедушка с татуировкой дракона, and on Sunday we were even lucky enough to get a special tour at Харківський ЛітМузей. And, of course, thank you to all of our partners for their time and dedication, hard work and love for Ukraine.

Read about all the RAZOM Partner organizations on our projects page.

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