2022 Impact in Review & What’s Most Critical Now

It is said, “If Russia stops fighting, the war ends.  If Ukraine stops fighting, Ukraine ends.”  We will not let that happen.  Thank you for supporting us in so many ways towards ensuring Ukraine continues to get all the help it needs.

Dear Razom Supporter,

To be confronted over and over again with how the war has ravaged Ukraine and the people who have done what others only speak of to protect and uphold their democracy and freedom, can be devastating.  But thanks to your stunning compassion and generosity, Razom has been able to reach more people than we ever imagined and solidify our network to proudly support Ukraine now and in the years ahead.  

In 2022, more than 175,000 donors made it possible for us to deploy over $62 million towards our mission to save lives in Ukraine and meet the dynamic and critical needs of Ukrainians as they continue to resist russian forces.

The passionate outpouring of support from people like you created a tremendous opportunity for our programs.  In order to achieve the greatest impact, we have now focused our efforts on the following five critical areas of support

In each of these five categories, together with Razom staff, volunteers and our partners, we’ve been able to have tremendous impact on the lives of Ukrainians from all walks of life.

When the world needs to hear the truth about russia’s actions and aggression, Razom Advocacy is there.  In 2022 our team organized more than 525 meetings with congressional offices to ask for critical support for Ukraine, co-founded the American Coalition for Ukraine (ACU) uniting 57 diverse organizations and constituents from all 50 states, and held an inaugural Ukraine Action Summit in Washington, D.C. a fly-in event with over 250 constituents from all over the country participating. 

In the first quarter of 2023, Razom Advocacy co-organized a second Ukraine Action Summit that expanded to over 300 advocates from 34 states, and brought together 62 organizations representing the ACU.  It was three days in Washington D.C. full of congressional meetings, advocacy training, panel discussions, and networking, and it was focused on a singular message – Ukraine must win.  All told, the advocates met with one-third of the offices in Congress. You can read more about it on our website.  

Beyond the Summit, our team has testified before Congress, led hundreds of government briefings and meetings, drafted dozens of policy briefs, proposed legislation, and amplified countless Ukrainian voices to protect bipartisan support for Ukraine and advance pro-Ukraine policy that is aligned to U.S. national interests.  Don’t forget to join our advocates network to get the latest news from Razom Advocacy.

When a defender in a remote field needs a tourniquet, Razom Heroes is there.  In 2022, the team deployed in-house order tracking software and a Ukraine-wide delivery system where Razom drivers take aid directly to the hot zones, delivered over 500 tons of life-saving supplies (including purchasing nearly 400,000 tourniquets), and packed and delivered almost 90,000 Individual First Aid Kits and over 2,000 tactical medical backpacks.  We’ve also delivered over 2,000 quadcopters for safe passage and evacuation, and sourced and serviced 69 cars for frontline medics to use as first line evacuation.  We have also supplied over 14,000 radios and over 2,000 tablets to keep Ukrainians connected on the front lines.  In 2023, as the war continues, so does the procurement and delivery of this type of life saving aid.

Between March 17-May 7 of 2023, Razom Health successfully co-organized and coordinated four medical mission trips to Ukraine.  You can read about each specific group of doctors and nurses that traveled here, and click above to watch a deep dive into what it takes to bring a trip like this to life and its impact.
This specific team of American-Canadian volunteers, 8 doctors, and 4 nurses arrived in Ivano-Frankivsk in March to perform 35 complex surgeries for the Ukrainian military and civilians all while providing training for Ukrainian doctors to ensure the impact of their work gets multiplied long after they leave.  Given the demanding hours and complexity of the surgeries, Razom’s team organized the many logistical elements essential to the smooth running of these missions, including covering travel, accommodations, daily logistics, and purchasing necessary equipment. 
There’s some great reporting that’s been done covering these trips including interviews from the doctors who traveled to Ukraine and the Ukrainian lives that have been changed by their work.

When war-torn hospitals need ultrasounds and wound vacs, Razom Health is there.  In 2022, we supplied 419 medical facilities in Ukraine with aid like ultrasounds, wound vacs, electrosurgery machines, orthopedic fixators and more, delivered 23 hospital-grade generators so doctors could continue delivering critical care even when the lights were out, and launched 2 mental health centers in Ukraine with over 800 individuals served (65% using mental health services for the first time).  

When families are displaced, hungry, sick, or in danger, Razom Relief is there.  In 2022, the team awarded $5M in grants to a network of 123 volunteer organizations in Ukraine that help their local communities.  Collectively, these organizations distributed 221,458 food packages to people in need, evacuated 9,640 people, renovated 91 buildings including 11 shelters, and supported 18 shelters that provided 2,375 sleeping places.  Over the winter the team procured and delivered 90 generators and 50 charging stations to resilience points, shelters, and humanitarian hubs across Ukraine. 

When the world needs to hear voices from Ukraine, Razom Culture and Connections is there.  In 2022, our team organized the concert to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Shchedryk’s (Carol of the Bells) premiere at Carnegie Hall with Ukrainian and Ukrainian-American artists and celebrity guests, funded filmmakers from Ukraine to attend international film festivals (including Sundance and the Academy Awards) so people could hear directly from creators and make connections, and supported multiple cultural exchanges, book clubs, and concerts

We couldn’t have done all this without your support and generosity!  With your donations we can scale and continue to support Ukraine now and in the years ahead. 

In the meantime, we hope to run into you at any number of these incredible events in New York and across the country that are really worth your time!

This weekend come see “Undesirable Elements: Ukraine” a collaboration of Ping Chong and Company and Yara Arts Group at the Ukrainian Museum on E 6th St in NYC.  The production explores the experiences of Ukrainian-American New Yorkers and recent arrivals from Ukraine.  
In director Ping Chong’s “Undesirable Elements” series, real people tell about their own lives.  Since 1992, over 65 “Undesirable Elements” productions have been made in communities across the country and around the world.
You can get your tickets here & at the door. 

Razom is honored to host an event at the Ukrainian Institute of America in NYC this weekend that’ll feature Ukrainian voices at this year’s Pen World Voices Festival.  This evening will be mostly in Ukrainian and registration is required.  

Come catch a performance from Trevor Noah: Off the Record Tour and fundraise for Ukraine!  Led by a diverse group of Benefit Committee Members, it’s sure to be a really special evening.  

Grab your tickets by May 15th here

Just look out for the yellow couch and you’ll find us!  

This year at Razom Lounge at the festival, we’ll be hosting special guests, showcasing the work we’ve done over the last year, raising money for bigger projects to help Ukraine, and revealing some fun surprises throughout the day.

The Razom Ukrainian Response Initiative will also be part of the Razom Lounge, giving recently arrived displaced Ukrainians an opportunity to discover the Ukrainian Festival for themselves, meet the community here to support them, and share their stories.

P.S. Interested in volunteering at the Razom Lounge? Send us a message.

Razom is a Presenting Partner with the Human Rights Watch Film Festival, which will feature a Ukrainian documentary WHEN SPRING CAME TO BUCHA.  It poignantly captures how a small community continues with life amid trauma and loss while war rages on close by.

Join audiences for its US premiere at the #HRWFFNY taking place on 6/6 at Film at Lincoln Center and the second screening on 6/7 at the IFC Center.  A live Q&A with filmmakers and special guests will follow the screenings.

You can also stream the film across the US as part of the digital festival between June 5-11.

Find out more information and book tickets here.  

Ukrainian singer/songwriter and winner of the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest, Jamala is going on her first major USA and Canada tour!

The show includes music from different periods that will be performed through a special electronic interpretation.  The tour name, “Like A Bird,” is a reference to the track of the same name from the “All Or Nothing” (2013) album.

Get your tickets here and join Razom at the New York City show on June 2 at Racket NYC.  She’ll be in Philadelphia, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and Orlando too! 

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