Every Second Counts: Razom’s Medical Backpacks Equip Ukrainian Heroes

Ukraine’s fight for freedom continues. Since the full-scale invasion began, Razom has been providing critical humanitarian relief to first responders and frontline medics. We adapt our efforts to address the most urgent needs as they evolve.

In March 2023, Razom Heroes saw a need for better medical backpacks so we listened to frontline medics’ who shared their experiences and feedback highlighting the need for practical and efficient solutions.

Research and Development

We engaged with medics with first hand experience using medical backpacks on the frontlines. We gathered their feedback on what needed to be changed, added, or improved, including the ideal backpack format, weight, and contents.

Committed to supporting Ukrainian production, Razom sourced top-quality packs and medical equipment made in Ukraine. This decision not only ensured quality but also strengthened the domestic market.

We created two sizes: a 16-liter and a 23-liter “Medical Backpack for and Rescuers” and a 23-liter Through collaboration with partner organization BF “PULSE,” we refined the design and developed standardized kits adhering to Tactical Casualty Care (TCCC) guidelines. 

Our backpacks are proudly manufactured in Lviv using genuine Cordura 500D material with a polyurethane coating. Thanks to our dedicated team, we source proven Ukrainian-made medical components, which are then efficiently assembled at our warehouse.

Razom’s medical backpacks are packed with modern equipment and supplies for critical medical procedures, including hemorrhage control and stabilizing damaged organs. Beyond the packs themselves, Razom conducts two-week tactical medicine courses that play a crucial role in preparing medics on the proper use of this life-saving equipment to provide essential and critical care.

Together, We Make a Difference

Razom Heroes are dedicated not only to providing medical backpacks, but also to ensuring they are equipped with the best supplies and that medics are trained to use them effectively. 

By supporting Razom, you join us in saving lives and helping Ukraine overcome this immense challenge. ❤️

We invite you to learn more and support Razom’s Heroes Program!

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