Holiday Gift Guide

This holiday season Razom invites you to support Ukraine and Ukrainians through your gift shopping. Below is a curated list of Ukrainian brands and made-in-Ukraine products that will serve as a wonderful gift for your loved ones, and will support those who are still creating, doing and representing Ukraine. They are working through extraordinary times, and we have the power to support them in the process. This list is personal to Razom – we’ve shopped there ourselves, we’ve volunteered backstage for them at New York Fashion Week, we helped raise the funds needed to translate their works, and brought joy to our loved ones when gifting from some of these places. The list is organized by category – Home Decor, Apparel, Toys and Books, and everyone ships internationally.

Shchos Tsikave | a small home and gift store in Lviv selling crafts from local artists.
Gushka | a Ukrainian wool products workshop in Kosiv, a mountain town in Ivano-Frankivsk region.
JulliaTyasko | a modern glass art Fused glass art Contemporary wall art.
Woolkrafts | a blanket store!
Gunia Project | a brand of exceptional things produced with the unique combination of design thinking and deep ethnographic research.
Trots Ceramics | a family of Hutsul ceramics makers that's been around sine 1997.
Bevza | a Kyiv-based womenswear brand creating feminine minimalist clothing and jewelry, whose collections are shown at NYFW.
Morkva Bots | an instagram shop that hand-makes shoes!
EtnoDim | an embroidery shop that creates traditional Ukrainian clothing with a modern spin.
Oliz | beautiful silk scarves, ties, and clothing with patterns exclusively made in cooperation with Ukrainian artists.
RCR Khomenko | a fashion brand with signature upcycled shirts and fun handcrafted prints.
Vish | knitted clothes and accessories produced in limited edition collections.
Katimo | women's clothing brand with year-round collections, designed and manufactured in Kyiv.
Brua | a handcrafted jewelry store based in Lviv.
UGEARS | a Ukrainian startup that creates unique wooden toys for all ages.
HURI Publications | a part of Harvard University, check out their English-translated books of Ukrainian authors.

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