Razom has registed a Charitable Foundation in Ukraine – “Разом Для України”

Razom has always had active volunteers doing a wide array of projects in Ukraine and now we have an official registered charitable fund “Razom for Ukraine” (<<Разом для України>>) under which we will be operating.


  • On February 18th, we completed and submitted all documents to register the organization in Ukraine.
  • On February 29th, we held a meeting with volunteers in Kyiv to discuss priorities for “Разом для України”.
  • On April 8th, “Разом для України” Foundation was granted a tax exempt status as a charitable organization in Ukraine.


This means that Razom now has its own tool for carrying out control over our benefactors’ donations in a comprehensive manner, as we are able to provide complete and official accounting for all of our expenses in Ukraine.


Fedir Martynov, Executive Director of “Разом для України”, has already began working on establishing reform-minded projects in Ukraine, meeting with partners, and developing the operations of the foundation.


We look forward to the new endeavors we can undertake to further our mission of building a prosperous and democratic Ukraine. Разом!

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