9th Birthday of Istorychna Pravda

On October 18, our Razom Partner, Istorychna Pravda celebrated their 9th Birthday: founded on October 18th, 2010. Istorychna Pravda is an independent information resource of Ukrainian history with a large audience – more than 21 million users who access over 11 000 scientific and analytical publications by over 600 authors and 7 special projects.
The only source of financial support is charitable donations (and hours of sweat equity of volunteered time).

As a part of our partnership, Razom have been fundraising to support Istorychna Pravda both online and at various events. We encourage Ukrainians worldwide to help Istorychna Pravda reach their goal of becoming sustainable through collecting the necessary funds for a strong endowment. It matters because “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.” 

To tell the story of the Istorychna Pravda and to discuss the importance of knowing and learning the Ukrainian history, Vakhtang Kipiani, came to NYC and spoke at the Shevchenko Scientific Society on October 26. The event was dedicated to the presentation of Vakhtang Kipiani’s book “The Case of Vasyl Stus,” (Vivat Publishing Ltd., Ukraine), the poet’s criminal case documents, presently residing at the SBU Archives in Kyiv. The dissident-poet, writer and journalist, Vasyl Stus (1938-1985), was constantly persecuted for his defense of human rights, opposition to Russification and anti-Ukrainian policies in general. His writings were forbidden in Ukraine and were published only abroad. Vasyl Stus remains one of Europe’s most distinguished poets of the 20th century. Vaktang Kipiani included discussions of circumstances and reasons for Stus’ arrest, as well as who his friends and enemies turned out to be during the criminal proceedings.
All donations and proceeds from the event went to support Istorychna Pravda.

We thank everyone who joined the event, bought the book, donated to the cause! Your support is vital to the ongoing effort of the project team to make Ukrainian History known. We are grateful to the Shevchenko Scientific Society for hosting the event, and for our collaboration through the years to built a prosperous, sovereign Ukraine one project at a time. Big shout out for the real heavy lifting also goes to all the amazing Razom volunteers, particularly Anastasia Rab, Maryna Prykhodko, Oleksii Prokopenko, Nazar Lubchenko, Oksana Falenchuk, Taras Ferencevych and Dora Chomiak, who did lots of behind-the-scenes work to amplify the herculean efforts of  Вахтанг Кіпіані to make Ukrainian hiSTORY known!

Importantly, the Razom board decided that all donations made for the online fundraiser dedicated to the 9th Birthday of the project, would be doubled from the Razom general unrestricted funds. So, we are glad to announce that $800 were raised and doubled by Razom, and the check for $1600 was sent to support Istorychna Pravda!

Learn more about the project and support Istorychna Pravda, a non-profit that fosters the responsible study of history of Ukraine with the goal of giving more people access to information about events of the past. 

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