Giving Tuesday in Kyiv

The Giving Tuesday charity event dedicated to Veterans Stipends that took place in Kyiv this December collected 80,500 UAH, which explicitly shows that Ukrainians are supportive of and ready for the global movement and tradition of charitable nights.


Amazing news from Bohdan Radchenko Veteran Stipends and its leader Lyuba Shipovich.


“There is no culture of charity evenings in Ukraine, or so I was told when we just started preparing for Giving Tuesday (Щедрий Вівторок) in UrbanSpace. But yesterday evening showed completely the opposite” – Lyuba Shipovich posted on her Facebook page following the event.


Lyuba, as well as we all, were amazed, as the event organization was at no cost (except for the buffet meal), and without any professional PR. And yet, the project team was able to put together an extraordinarily cool charity night that raised 80,500 UAH. The raised funds will go to cover veterans’ tuition for master’s programs at one of the best Ukrainian universities – Kyiv School of Economics, National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy and Ukrainian Catholic University. The event was organized by fellow stipend recipients themselves, to raise funds for those veterans who will join next year: an inspiring act by veterans for veterans. And it turned out to be incredible!


Venue – Urban Space 500
Host – Anatoly Ostapenko of Toronto Television
Among the guests were the Minister of Veterans Affairs Oksana Kolyada, the former Minister of Health Ulana Suprun, the Chief Military Chaplain of the UGCC Father Andrey Zelinsky, and the Ukrainian celebrity and singer Ruslana Lyzhychko.
Spent on preparation (buffet table) – 14000 UAH
Collected – 80500 UAH


A huge thank you to everyone who provided the auction lots, who supported, who joined, and of course the veterans for their service and support for their co-veterans. Now more veterans can gain a desired master’s degree at one of the top Ukrainian universities!
“Thank you, friends, you are incredible!” – finalized Lyuba Shipovich.


If you were unable to join but would like to help veterans get their education, donate today.


Learn more about the Bohdan Radchenko Veteran Stipend project.


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