Emergency Response Webinars

The safer-at-home mode requests a different way of Razom meetings. As a part of the Emergency Response we have organized a series of webinars to cover various burning topics – from the basics of the coronavirus, to legal support to those “got stuck” because of quarantine and closed borders, to q&a with the one, who has experienced the travel back to Ukraine during this time.

We no longer could invite all our friends and volunteers to the office or a face-to-face meeting, but we still had to share essential information about the ongoing situation around COVID-19. That’s how the webinar series “Про коронавірус зрозумілою мовою” (Сoronavirus. Explained) has started. And the first three webinars showed the pandemic from three different standpoints:

– by Nataliya Smolynets, an infectious disease doctor (part 1 & part 2);
– by Iryna Kit, a Mount Sinai Hospital nurse, NYC (recording);
– and by our Razom volunteer Dr. Olya Yarychkivska, science of genetics, who explained the up-to-date scientific research of coronavirus and shared some useful additional resources and links – see below (recording). 

Further, we have had two webinars with our own Iryna Mazur, who shared the latest news and essential information for many Ukrainians who unfortunately got their travels postponed due to the closed borders, and quarantine measures in both countries (Ukraine and the US). You can find the recording here.

The final webinar was with Andriy Polishchuk, a Co-Pilot Project participant, who happened to be in the US for his neurosurgery internship, and had to leave because of the overall shutdown. Andriy shared his experience during the internship and his return trip to Ukraine and the quarantine measures (recording).

We are incredibly grateful to our speakers and presenters for their time, for the shared knowledge, so much needed at these challenging times! Big thanks also go to Roman SmolynetsAnastasiia Rybytska and Dora Chomiak for helping behind the scenes of the webinars. And thanks to all of you who joined the webinar and asked questions!

If you are interested in reading more, here are great resources about coronavirus:
– in Ukrainian
– English

Learn more about Razom Emergency Response efforts and support the project to provide the necessary help in times of need.

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