Giving Tuesday to Support Ukraine

Dear Friend of Razom,

Whether you are new to us, or are a long-time supporter, you are a vital part of our work.  Your generous contributions since the full-scale attack on Ukraine 280 days ago, have allowed us to save lives by providing critical medical and humanitarian aid, expanding the scope of our activities, and amplifying the voices of Ukrainians around the globe.  We are immensely grateful for your donations (and volunteerism) that have made this work possible at scale.  

What has your support resulted in? 

We’ve shipped and distributed over $35 million of medical materials to Ukraine, provided tens of thousands of meals and groceries to the internally displaced, and evacuated critically ill patients and their families.  We organized over 40 rallies in NYC alone, and in the fall, we helped organize the Ukraine Action Summit, a fly-in event in Washington, D.C. where 300 constituents met with 176 Congressional offices. 

And that’s not everything.  Razom is now more determined than ever to keep people connected to Ukraine and connected in Ukraine to meet new needs and solve challenges as they arise.

As Ukraine settles into a dark and cold winter and its civilian infrastructure is being pummeled by missiles at a rate not yet seen since the start of the invasion, the urgency of these times keeps our purpose sharp.  So on this #GivingTuesday, we ask that you donate to our general fund to help us urgently deliver generators, power-banks, and wood-burning stoves to the frontlines, hospitals, and civilian warming stations.  

Help us keep Ukrainians alive and connected to each other by donating to provide additional portable heat and power sources.

During this holiday season, we also invite you to consider donating to two other special projects from Razom that offer support and purpose for the children of Ukraine.  The first is an organized trip to New York City for 55 choir children from Kyiv to perform at Carnegie Hall as part of the Notes From Ukraine concert.  The historic event on December 4th will benefit the United 24 government fundraising platform to reconstruct public services in Ukraine.  As part of their trip, they will advocate for Ukraine through song and their personal stories, via scheduled interviews for national news outlets and opportunities to meet with diplomats from many nations.  As Ukraine’s future, these children have a unique opportunity to take part in cultural diplomacy for Ukraine, all while practicing for their performance and taking in the sights of NYC.  A $250 donation will cover one child’s day in New York.  You can donate here or on facebook.

The second project is the Razom Toy Drive, one of our earliest (started in May 2014) that provides assistance to orphaned children in Ukraine, whose father or mother, or in some cases both, died defending Ukraine by sending school essentials, birthday and holiday presents, and other humanitarian assistance their way.  Right now, we are raising money to gift the children portable power banks with LED lights as many of them currently live without electricity and are regularly forced to hide in dark bomb shelters and basements.  You can donate here or on facebook.  

We are Ukraine: resilient, determined, and motivated.  It is our privilege to fight and rise together every day.  Thank you for your help in this valiant struggle, and let’s continue to work RAZOM (together) for Ukraine! 

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