MathOlymp 2018: Young Ukrainian Mathematicians placed 4th

Razom and our partner MathOlymp have an incredible reason to celebrate and be proud – Ukrainian high school team placed 4th at International Olympiad in Mathematics 2018 in Romania!


Throughout 2018, preparations and competitions held at various levels resulted in incredible success of the Ukrainian team at the International Olympiad in Mathematics held in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

For the first time, all 6 team members received gold and silver medals. The mathletes were students of Kharkiv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №27 – Roman Sarapin, Nhok Tkhai Shon Nho, Alina Harbuzova, student of Kharkiv Academic Gymnasium №45 – Illya Koval, student of Kyiv Lyceum №208 – Fedir Yudin, student of Kyiv Natural Science Lyceum №145 – Arsenii Nikolaiev.

This outstanding result earned Ukraine 4th place among all participating countries (link to results). This incredible result is a product of superhuman talents and hard work of young mathematicians, dedication and every day work by the team of trainers.

The Razom and MathOlymp partnership campaign raised more than $10K. The funds raised covered participation and travel cost for official observers at European Girls’ Mathematical Olympiad 2018 and International Mathematical Olympiad 2018.

Thanks to all the supporters who donated to fund travel expenses for the team for this and other international competitions – without your support, team preparations would not be as rock solid!
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