Razom Announces Organizational Updates, Including Strategic New Hires

Razom has made the following organizational updates, effective immediately:

  • Lydia Kokolskyj, VP of Development, Razom: Lydia (Lida) has joined Razom full time as the VP of Development, where she will be responsible for identifying, engaging, cultivating, and stewarding current and prospective donors to meet annual revenue targets, in addition to securing the ongoing delivery of programs to support Ukraine. An accomplished leader in nonprofit advancement, Lydia has raised over $250 million for many deserving causes and holds a comprehensive background with three decades of experience in a range of nonprofit management roles including institutional and business development, strategic planning, marketing, communications, public relations and events planning.
  • Dan Solchanyk, Program Director, Razom Health: Dan will be joining Razom full time as the Program Director for Razom Health, which supports hospitals and other healthcare institutions that serve the civilian population in Ukraine. Dan grew up in a mixed Ukrainian-American household and has over a decade of experience leading emergency response teams and effectively managing health programs in some of the world’s most challenging conflict and disaster settings, including Ukraine. Dan earned his BS in Human Development from UC Davis and will be graduating from Northwestern with a MS in Global Health.
  • Anna Solovei, Program Director, Razom Relief: Anna will be joining Razom full time as the Program Director for the Razom Relief project, which aims to help non-governmental organizations in Ukraine provide immediate humanitarian assistance to the people affected by the occupation. As Program Director, Anna will continue the program’s vital work of providing relief and support to those in need. Anna holds an MBA from London Business School and has garnered valuable experience during her tenure as a director at PwC and as Principal Banker at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).
  • Melinda Haring, Senior Community Engagement Advisor and Doug Klain, Research Analyst, Razom Advocacy: Melinda will join Razom Advocacy as a Senior Community Engagement Advisor, helping lead Razom’s grassroots advocacy work around the country. She is a nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center. Previously, she was Director of Stakeholder Relations & Social Impact for the Superhumans Center in Ukraine and deputy director of the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center. Doug will join Razom Advocacy as a Research Analyst supporting Advocacy’s Government Affairs and Community Relations work. A recent graduate of the London School of Economics, he is a nonresident fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center. Most recently, he was an assistant director at the Eurasia Center.
  • Dora Chomiak, CEO; Oksana Falenchuk, CFO; Zoe Ripecky, COO, Razom: Dora has been appointed CEO of Razom. Previously, Dora held the role of President of the Board of Directors for the organization. Oksana has been appointed CFO, where she will be responsible for leading the work on budgets, financial management and reporting. Zoe has been appointed COO, responsible for overseeing organizational processes and ensuring successful program implementation.

“Razom has always been, and will continue to be, a volunteer-driven organization, and as we scale and grow, we are excited to bring on full-time staff who can sustain our donation pipeline, effectively deploy resources and funds to save lives and continue to ensure the world hears about Ukraine,” said Dora Chomiak, Razom CEO. “We’re grateful to Lydia, Dan, Anna, Oksana and Zoe for joining Razom as full-time staff, as well as Melinda and Doug for joining our Advocacy Team.”



Nonna Tsiganok
Media Relations, Razom

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