Razom Grants: Ukrainian Charity Alliance – uniting people to do good

Some of the most heartbreaking stories and photos that Razom have received were from the Ukrainian Charity Alliance, a Kharkiv-based non-profit charitable organization currently focusing on helping people with limited mobility and the elderly. 

Formed in September 2018 to unite various civil initiatives, the organization prioritized fighting poverty and supporting volunteer movement in the Kharkiv region. Their Instagram and Facebook feed were full of educational posts and reports about charitable projects like Share Food (in support of the Food for Life initiative), the UBA volunteer center (workshops for young volunteers), Give Love to a Child, and others. That stopped on February 23, 2022, because the following day changed everything. Now their only priority is helping people survive. 

The endless pain and horror that russian troops brought to Ukraine affected everyone, especially the most vulnerable persons who had no means to fend for themselves. People with disabilities, the elderly, and families with many children, particularly those who remain in war zones or were displaced, are now entirely reliant on volunteer support.

The Ukrainian Charity Alliance is providing these people with food, medicine, and basic necessities, as well as assistance in finding shelter and rebuilding damaged homes. During the first few days of the full-scale invasion, they distributed 400 kg of food, managed to fundraise 20,000 UAH to buy supplies for 50 families living in the bomb shelters, and assisted in evacuating people from Kharkiv.

Razom for Ukraine provided the Ukrainian Charity Alliance with multiple grants totaling $150,000 that resulted in 6,880 food kits with long shelf life. All assistance was provided to people in residential areas of Kharkiv and its region that suffered significant damage, as well as communities that accommodated a large number of internally displaced people from the occupied territories. Volunteers distributed the food packages and hand-delivered them to people with limited mobility.

Each kit included:

  • Pasta – 2 kg 
  • Rice grain – 2 packs 
  • Wheat grain – 2 packs 
  • Buckwheat grain – 1 kg 
  • Canned meat – 2-3 pcs 
  • Canned fish – 2 pcs 
  • Oil – 1 liter
  • Sugar – 1 kg 
  • Chocolate – 1 pc 
  • Snacks – 2 pcs 
  • Tea – 1 pack

In June, our board member Maryna Prykhodko, a Kharkiv-native, joined the Ukrainian Charity Alliance on their trip to deliver aid to Zolochiv, a town in the Kharkiv region located just 10 km from the border with russia that was under occupation for three months. You can find out more about her experience and Razom’s partnership with UCA in our Facebook posts.

Additional donation options available at www.razomforukraine.org/donate

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