Razom Launches New Report On U.S. Policy Opportunities in Ukraine

For Immediate Release

Washington, D.C., February 16, 2017

On Thursday, February 23, 2017 the non-profit organization Razom is launching a new report, U.S. Policy on Ukraine: Challenges and Opportunities at an event on Capitol Hill. Intended as a comprehensive survey for policymakers and their staff, the report offers both an analysis of current policy as well as concrete recommendations moving forward. Production team is comprised of young policy professionals and graduate students. Report is part of RazomThink initiative.

“In the end, our goal is to spark conversations about why Eastern Europe is strategically significant to the United States, and how American leadership can ensure the region’s stability,” said Mykola Murskyj, a graduate student in international affairs at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. Murskyj has spearheaded the coordination and production of this report, managing the RazomThink team as well as the subject matter experts who contributed to the report.

Razom feels strongly that any U.S. policy on Ukraine must be underpinned by a number of concrete principles: recognition that Eastern Europe’s security and stability are also U.S. strategic interests, dedication to upholding Ukraine’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and right to self-determination; and increasing Ukraine’s capacity to face its own domestic challenges.

“Ukraine and its partners must build a successful and prosperous state on the territory it currently controls,” said Murskyj. For the U.S., this means maintaining a shrewd sanctions stance and keeping the costs high for potential Russian escalation, while simultaneously helping Ukraine grow its economy and reform its political system.”


Name: Mykola Murskyj
Email: info@razomforukraine.org

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