Razom, with the support of Howard G. Buffett Foundation’s $1.6M Grant, Enhances Ukrzaliznytsia’s Emergency Response Capabilities

Last month, Razom proudly announced a $1,620,000 grant from Howard G. Buffett Foundation to support the Razom Heroes emergency medicine program. This partnership aims to significantly boost Ukraine’s emergency medical response, particularly focusing on Ukrzaliznytsia (Ukrainian Railways).

This initiative includes 32 training sessions planned for May and June 2024, aiming to equip 700 Ukrzaliznytsia staff – including train managers, conductors, station personnel, and even administrative workers – with critical first-aid skills. To further support their emergency response capabilities, 700 individual first-aid kits and 100 advanced rescue kits will be distributed. 

With 9 training sessions already completed and 172 participants trained, this program is making a significant impact on Ukrzaliznytsia’s ability to provide timely and effective medical care during emergencies.

Razom remains steadfast in its mission to support Ukraine’s emergency response capabilities. The grant and the support from Howard G. Buffett Foundation is crucial in making a significant impact. Together, we are enhancing the ability of Ukraine’s first responders to save lives and provide critical support during emergencies. Thank you for your unwavering support of Ukraine and helping us make a difference!

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