Security Update

It is a sad fact but fraudsters and scammers are prevalent on the Internet these days. They are feeding on extreme emotions and lure their victims to either donate or click on malicious links in the emails. Unfortunately Ukraine has been such subject most recently.

Since Russia-Ukrainian war, we received many reports of attackers setting up websites that resemble Razom brand and attempting to collect money on our behalf. We have been mostly successful at taking them down with the help of our lawyers.

In the past couple of days we have received a number of emails from website visitors informing us of a message popping up in their web browsers notifying them that “This Connection Is Not Private”.

We want to clear up the confusion and let you know that what is depicted was rather a technical issue which we successfully fixed with the help of our IT professionals. This technical issue in no way meant that any part of Razom’s website was compromised.

Please remember to double check that you are on the correct Razom page, and here is the list of official Razom resources:

Website: (not .com, not .net or .ua)

Facebook page:



If you see any suspicious websites or social media accounts that impersonate Razom for Ukraine, and are different from our official pages above – please notify us at Thank you!

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