Shevchenko: Prophet of Freedom

Cultural exploration into an iconic Ukrainian figure.


In honor of Taras Shevchenko Month, this contemporary cultural event in Washington, D.C. explored the revolutionary Ukrainian figure that was Taras Shevchenko and his profound impact on Eastern European culture. Poetry, song, dance, and art brought a whole new element to the historical figure.


The event began at the Shevchenko monument. Shevchenko’s iconic poetry was read in several languages. At the sound of the iconic words “кайдани порвіте” (english: break your chains), real chains wrapped around the statue of Taras were broken.


Attendees of many cultures clapped along to his words , including a new song by Victor Morozov, and explored artwork by Андрій Єрмоленко Арт/Andriy Ermolenko Art. Afterwards, Rick & MC provided energetic live Ukrainian and classic rock singalong across the street at the Bier Barron. All funds raised at the event supported the Support Hospitals in UA project, which aims to send 40ft containers of medical equipment and supplies to Ukraine.



This event was co-sponsored with partner organizations: United Help Ukraine, Ukraina Citizens International Association, Embassy of Ukraine, SPIV-Zhyttya, The Washington Group.

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