Razom Ticket: National Olympiad in Physics 2019

On March 17, the National Olympiad in Physics started in Kherson, Ukraine. Razom Ticket team had worked closely with the organization committee of the Olympiad and provided the needed additional funding for the event. 173 participants from all around Ukraine competed to show their strong skills and knowledge in physics.


While most of Ukrainians’ attention was focused on the upcoming Ukrainian presidential elections in the second half of March, a big educational event took place in Kherson, Ukraine – the National School Olympiad in Physics.


This is the second consecutive year we supported the National Olympiad in Physics financially. Razom Ticket provided necessary additional funding to cover costs for meals, equipment and prizes for winners. Thus, over $2,800 were transferred to cover additional costs for food for 173 participants and 57 judges. Similar to last year’s support, we provided funding to get prizes for competition winners (over $550), as we sincerely believe that children’s passion and strive for excellence in science should be rewarded. Moreover, besides the usual funding for the meals and prizes, the organizers kindly requested our help with additional equipment for the competition’s practical round. Thus, this March Razom Ticket purchased 60 individual multimeters and an oscilloscope with overall cost of about $1,120 to make the competition more exciting.


As one of Razom supporters said: “It’s always been fascinating to see an erupting volcano at a children’s school competition in American movies. Made me feel pretty jealous. Now I see it can be done in Ukraine, too”. Sciences are not only numbers in a notebook – it is also the application of these numbers and formulas to the real world. And… Ukrainian kids deserve all the best that we can provide. Including the equipment that gives the practical feel to scientific knowledge.


We thank our Razom volunteers – Pasha Gavrylenko, Anya Sobolevs’ka, Alisa Goloshchapova, Nazar Lubchenko, Lyuba Shipovich, Nadia Lubchenko, Yelena Kadeykina – for their enthusiasm and lots of effort that they had put into this! We are very grateful to numerous donors and supporters, who donated and who created personal fundraisers for Razom Ticket – your support is vital! Thank you for making it a reality!


Just look at these young Ukrainians absorbed with science and feel optimistic about the bright future of Ukraine.


Donate to Razom Ticket today and let’s make Ukraine a world leader in sciences together!


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