Ticket to a STEM* nation

The end of March was marked by a significant event for the Razom Ticket project – Stage 4 of the All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Physics, which took place in Sumy, Ukraine.


While it is not well-covered in Ukrainian nor world media, these events are essential for the future of Ukrainian educational development. The education and support of children are the foundations of a successful and developed country. To raise a generation capable of competing in the global arena of inventions and innovations, we must cultivate children’s curiosity and motivate them to get involved in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) professions. Thus, Olympiads in mathematics and the sciences at the local school, regional, and national levels are vital for such motivation, the promotion of curiosity, and nurturing a love of learning. Sadly, Ukraine’s national budget does not provide enough funding for such competitions to take place. This is an opportunity where support from civil society should come in.


The All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad in Physics was held for 5 days from March 25 to 30, 2018, and
a total of 218 students and judges participated in the competition. 42 students with the best results were chosen as prize winners. This was possible thanks to donations from many Razom supporters and the Ticket project, whose mission is to increase Ukrainian children’s engagement in STEM disciplines. Razom’s help was instrumental in the organization of the Olympiad, which was almost cancelled due to severe underfunding.


With the Razom Ticket project and the financial support of numerous individual donations, we could cover the meal costs for all 218 participants (75240 UAH), fuel for transportation (8003 UAH), and buy prizes for the Olympiad’s 42 winners (7148 UAH). We thank all for their support.


Simultaneously as the All-Ukrainian Olympiad was taking place in Sumy, three Ukrainian high-schoolers won three gold medals at the Beijing Youth Science Creation Competition. These positive results and their continuation are possible only through the cultivation of curiosity, motivation, and passion for STEM disciplines. It is our common responsibility to preserve and promote passion for STEM.


New competitions and Olympiads are soon to come, and we know that together, razom, we CAN support our talented Ukrainian youth. Donate to the Razom Ticket project to help Ukrainian children get a much-needed head start in the world of STEM.


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*STEM – world-wide accepted abbreviation that covers disciplines in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


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