Ukraine Action Summit

Razom for Ukraine co-organized a three-day event in Washington DC called the “Ukraine Action Summit”. During the Summit, Razom and other pro-Ukrainian organizations, all participants of the newly minted American Coalition for Ukraine, met with American legislators on the Hill, where they spoke about Ukrainian issues currently of the greatest concern to their constituents.

On the first day of the Ukraine Action Summit, advocates from all over the US gathered in the afternoon at Georgetown University for an advocacy workshop. During the workshop, they strengthened their advocacy skills and prepared for two days of Congressional meetings. About 40% of attendees were first-time advocates! Participants received advice from former Ambassador Steven Pifer, former Ambassador Michael McFaul, Robert McConnell and Emily Channel Justice on engaging with current administration staffers and gave more context on current American foreign policy.

In total, over 150 meetings were held with constituents, with most occurring between September 18-20. Over 30 states and 110 Congressional districts were represented. A further 24 meetings with principals and experts who joined the Summit to offer their expert opinions and timely research. Advocates spoke with their representatives and elected officials about expedited military aid to Ukraine, increased financial aid, and more robust sanctions against russia. Using the advocacy handbook that was prepared by the Razom Advocacy’s Research Team, advocates also discussed specific pieces of legislation currently before the House and Senate that would help Ukraine win the war.

The Summit concluded with a reception at the Rayburn House Office Building. The event was kicked off by renditions of the American, sung by Summit participant and US veteran Mark Lindqvist, and Ukrainian, sung by Eurovision winner and Ukrainian music star Ruslana, national anthems. Speakers included Representatives Marcy Kaptur, Tom Malinowski, and Peter Meijer, as well as Zaher Sahloul of MedGlobal and the Syrian-American community. Attendees also heard Ukrainian songs performed by Duet Malvy on the Bandura and Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar music performed by the Kobzarska Sich chorus.

Razom is honored to have stood with all of the advocates and organizations in the American Coalition For Ukraine, speakers, and performers who participated the Ukraine Action Summit! Bringing so many people together to fight for a sovereign and prosperous Ukraine has been incredible, and we cannot wait to hold a summit like this one again. We look forward to continuing this important work together – #Razom.

To learn more about the Ukraine Action Summit and the American Coalition for Ukraine, you can check out or check out the hashtags #UkraineActionSummit and #AmericanCoalitionForUkraine on social media. And don’t forget to add your voice to advocacy for Ukraine by writing or calling your Representatives!

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