$10 000 grant went to Support Hospitals in Ukraine

At the Annual Meeting 2017 Razom for Ukraine provided a third grant to the Support Hospitals in Ukraine project, which will finalize the delivery of the fourth container of medical equipment to Ukrainian hospitals in need. This last, third grant from Razom summed up to the total financial support of $23,000. We are proud to partner up with and support the project with such a noble mission – “Provide hospitals in Ukraine with the much-needed medical equipment and supplies”.  


A volunteer project Support Hospitals in Ukraine  (SHU) has found a radical and effective solution to the Ukrainian problem of medical equipment supply. In less than three years, the project already delivered $1.55 million worth of medical equipment and supplies. The project leaders found the solution in the US written-off medical equipment.


While the American medical field develops rapidly, and the hospitals write off perfectly functional medical equipment as soon as something better appears, the Ukrainian reality of hospital equipment is quite dark. With no significant improvement in governmental support in this matter in the foreseen future, this problem can be and is solved by a small group of volunteers that came together to work on the SHU project.


By matching the needs of UA hospitals with the available free medical equipment in the States, the project has already sent three 40-feet containers to Ukraine, with absolutely no charge for the Ukrainian receiving party. And yet, even though the equipment and supplies are free of charge, to just deliver one such container costs $20,000. With the help of the last Razom’s grant SHU has collected enough funds for shipping of the fourth container, which will include humanitarian and neurosurgical equipment, which is highly needed in the hospitals in Ukraine.


Although, Razom provided support and grants to SHU in the past three years, only in March 2017 Razom and SHU officially partnered up with the shared goal to help Ukrainian hospitals. The fourth container with medical equipment (in the amount of up to $0.5 million), planned to be shipped in early 2018, will additionally deliver highly-needed neurosurgical equipment, as a part of the Co-Pilot Project of Razom. Meanwhile, the further plans are being thoroughly discussed for the fifth and sixth containers of the humanitarian medical cargo to be sent in the late 2018, which will expend the project’s geography of the provided medical help from supporting hospitals in Dnipro, Kyiv, and Zaporizhzhya, to covering Odesa and Lviv as well.


“At the time, when fundraising is the most important and critical bottleneck for many humanitarian non-profit projects, we would like to thank again our patrons for the continuing support!” – says Vitaliy Dubil, co-founder of the project Support Hospitals in Ukraine. While Razom is extremely grateful to all our donors and supporters, who have made this grant to SHU and the 4th shipment possible!


Your support and donations help Ukrainians in general and our brave soldiers get better medical care, especially in the times of the war conflict in Eastern Ukraine. Please consider donating today to fund the fifth and sixth containers of medical cargo. Thank you!


Together we are Ukraine.


By Anya Sobolevska

Photos BO_PHOTOGRAPHY (Bogdan Grytsiv)


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