Ukrainian Music Night with Taras Chubai

Razom Culture was glad to organize a special night of outstanding Ukrainian music this past Tuesday. What a way to start the fall season. A huge thank you to Taras Chubai for sharing his music with us! 


It was tremendous to be able to hear songs (and stories) that aren’t heard often (enough) and which are riveting – words written in the 1970’s in Ukraine and relevant to the US today. So many of NYC Ukrainians and their friends couldn’t let themselves miss the event, and came to hear the acoustic performance of the “narodnyi” (honored/people’s) artist of Ukraine. Upbeat or melancholic, full of deep thoughts and feelings, the words (and the music) took the audience to a different reality, where time didn’t exist.


We are grateful to everyone who made this pop-up Razom event a reality. Together we created something priceless. Dora Chomiak generously offered to host the event at her place. The night could not have happened without a guitar and Boris Skalsky graciously lent (and delivered) his. Tetyana Dzhula led the set up of the ‘venue’. Anya Sobolevska got us all to the after-party and Dmytro Kavun led the clean-up. Yulia Paslavska picked up the delicious varenky from our continued sponsor – fabulous Veselka, and the cocktail was built on Khortytsia horilka by Global Spirits. Many more people lent a hand to make this magical night happen. As we believe in Razom: everyone does not need to do everything, but everyone needs to do *some* thing, and then the world is a better place. We are sending our thank-you to each person in the audience! With your help and support we raised just over $1000 in less than one week. These donations will cover various Razom initiatives and projects.


To make more of this great events happen, please make a contribution to support Razom projects that help creating prosperous Ukraine and share its wonderful culture with everyone around the world.


Photos by Slavick Ciganec

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