Razom Grants: Food for Life Dnipro – Being of Service in the time of War

Ukraine has demonstrated unprecedented strength, determination, and resilience over the last four months. The entire world has learned what it means to be a Ukrainian: to fiercely love your homeland and people and to defend them with everything you have. Every branch of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and every volunteer organization have performed admirably, making the word “немoжливо” (Eng. “impossible”) disappear from the Ukrainian language.

The Feeding Forces of Ukraine is a clever nickname made up by the charitable foundation “Food for Life Dnipro.” Based in a Krishna temple, they’ve been providing hot meals for underprivileged residents of Dnipro, Ukraine’s fourth-largest city, since 1994. The Krishnaites are known for their devotion not just to Krishna but to being of service to humanity. When the war came to their home, “Food for Life” volunteers proved the integrity of their faith and purpose once again.

Since February 24, 2022, “Food for Life” have prepared and distributed over 216,000 hot vegetarian meals that follow the Krishnaite traditions and meet all international standards for calorie and protein intake. 2000 people remain fed and nourished thanks to the volunteers’ efforts. In June 2022, Razom for Ukraine granted $15,000 to support the foundation. These funds resulted in 9,000 hot meals delivered to the displaced persons and elderly residents of Dnipro.

Learn more about “Food for Life Dnipro” foundation, its members and activities at their website that provides detailed information about the foundation, its members and activities. They constantly report to their supporters and followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Telegram.

Additional donation options available at www.razomforukraine.org/donate

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