Razom Grant for Teple Sertse

Most Westerners can’t imagine fleeing their homes running from bombs and rockets. Unfortunately, Ukrainians already experienced this in 2014, when Donbas inhabitants fled the first attempts to inflict “russian peace” on their land. The full-scale invasion forced millions of people to seek shelter, having nothing but a passport and a change of clothes. If it weren’t for Ukrainian charities, displaced people would have nowhere to sleep or eat. Charitable fund “Teple Sertse” (eng. “Warm Heart”) is one of the organizations that give these people hope.

Charitable fund “Teple Sertse” was founded in 2018 in Novomoskovsk, Dnipropetrovsk region. Before the war, they were helping low-income and multi-children families. Now the organization has expanded its work to help displaced and war-affected people. Food kits for military troops, diapers and baby food for children, sleeping bags and cots for air defense personnel, sweets and pasta for a restaurant that serves displaced people – volunteers from “Teple Sertse” manage to get all this done in just one day. The town of Novomoskovsk lies very close to Kharkiv, Lugansk, and Donetsk, but it didn’t face active military conflicts or air raids. That’s why it became a hub for displaced people from the affected regions. “Teple Sertse” also works beyond Novomoskovsk, helping people in the hotspots.

The war’s first months depleted the fund’s resources, and “Teple Sertse” reached out to Razom. The appeal resulted in an $18,000 grant. Thanks to this contribution, the fund was able to aid families with numerous children. They have packed and distributed 1,545 humanitarian packages to Luhansk, Kharkiv, and Donetsk inhabitants.

Charitable fund “Teple Sertse” is on Instagram @teple.serce and Facebook. Thanks to the detailed reporting and outstanding performance, the foundation has created strong, trusting connections with donors. Recently, Razom for Ukraine authorized another $12,000 grant that will aid many people affected by the war.

Razom Grants:

Given humanitarian needs change by the hour and come from multiple geographical points at the same time, Razom awards grants to grassroots initiatives in Ukraine who are responding quickly to the needs of civilians and internally displaced persons (IDPs). Learn more here.

For any inquiries and with questions about the grant program, write to grants@razomforukraine.org.

Additional donation options available at www.razomforukraine.org/donate

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