Advocating for Ukraine on the Hill

This week, the Razom Advocacy Team completed 40 (!) meetings with different Congressional offices on the Hill!

The meetings centered around the offices of the Members of the House Foreign Affairs Committee and the House Armed Services Committee to make sure Ukraine has the support it needs from Congress to win the war. Members of the Razom Advocacy Team spent a total of four days meeting with offices back-to-back and speaking with staffers about House Resolution 1205 on condemning russia’s action in Ukraine as genocide, discussing further legislation for Ukraine in terms of military and humanitarian aid, offering updates on Razom’s work on the ground, and building relationships for continued support of Ukraine through Congress.

We thanked each office for their tireless work in support of Ukraine over the past five months – and you should too! Don’t forget to call and write to your representatives in Congress to thank them for their support of Ukraine and also let them know that you wish for that support to continue. Consider also inviting your representatives to the Ukrainian Independence Day celebrations in your community on August 24th! Congress will be on recess and most Members will be in their districts. Has your representative ever tried Borshch before? Call them and ask! Let’s help Ukraine – together, #Razom.

Find your Congress Members here:

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