Razom Grants: Making a difference Here and Now (Kharkiv Region)

Kharkiv region was always considered one of the most russified regions of Ukraine. Sharing not only a border but close family ties with russia, Kharkiv residents often learned and spoke russian as their first language for many generations. Despite that in 2013-2014, they proved that patriotism is about love for your country and people that can’t be destroyed by the centuries of forced russification. 

Today, Kharkiv is holding back the numerous russian army and withstanding the continuous ruthless attacks, both at the front lines and in residential areas. While the world is seemingly getting tired of the war in Ukraine, tireless volunteer work is a huge factor in supporting both military and civilians. Volunteers feed people, provide them with medicine and shelter. It is because of their work, people have a sense of protection and hope for tomorrow. That is why Razom for Ukraine actively supports the civil sector by providing them with grants and humanitarian aid.

For example, the NGO “Here and Now” (“Тут і Зараз“) has recently received a $12,000 grant that allowed them to provide food packages to temporarily displaced families in the Kharkiv region. At the beginning of the war, “Here and Now” activists collected money and resources among themselves and close acquaintances. Being true to their name, they tried to help however they could – here and now. In addition to feeding refugees, collecting and distributing humanitarian aid and medical supplies, they purchased and repaired 2 pickup trucks and 2 Land Rovers for Ukrainian soldiers. The organization that started with a group of relatives and friends has now helped thousands of people. 

Responding to the immediate needs of the people affected by the war, “Here and Now” volunteers didn’t focus on publicity and spreading the word about their kind deeds, but on what they could do best – help Ukrainians in need. So we kindly ask you to visit, like and share posts on their Facebook page which will certainly cheer them up.

Learn more about Razom Grants program, and support Ukrainian volunteers on the ground by donating today.

Additional donation options available at www.razomforukraine.org/donate

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