School students in Kharkiv share their story with Razom

Students of Kharkiv Physics and Mathematics Lyceum №27 shared their story with Razom and thanked the organization for providing the school with cameras that helped them to attend classes and practice for exams.

Back in March-April 2020, Razom provided the Lyceum with document cameras so that math classes could continue online. STEM disciplines are typically taught by demonstrating on a board, which became a challenge once the country had to switch to remote education.
One way to maintain a similar quality of teaching is to use document cameras, which allow students to see their teachers live, explaining and demonstrating the subject. With the cameras, the students were able to attend classes and practice for exams.

Razom is thrilled to be working with the remarkable teachers Serhii Lifits and Anastasia Lysakevych at the Lyceum, who train some of the strongest mathematicians in the country. We are happy we can do our part in supporting our brilliant Ukrainian students!

As the school year has wrapped up, we caught up with the students. Watch the video to hear what they had to say!

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