Supplies from Poland

In order to expedite the delivery of much-needed medical supplies to Ukraine, Razom first and foremost set out to buy up resources in Europe. Thanks to eight years of active cooperation with Euromaidan – Warszawa, including a large network of volunteers (some of whom traveled across Europe and relocated to Poland!), we have a team of dedicated and trusted volunteers.

They were able to purchase supplies within only a few hours of discovery and now it’s all ready for the delivery to Ukraine, which will take much shorter time.

The supplies include the following:
large standard police bags with pre-set first aid content, including hydrogel bandages, valve bandages, modular bandages, waterproof individual bandages, rescue scissors, CELOX gauzes, etc., as well as medical stretchers.

It’s day 7 of the ongoing war in Ukraine, and time is always running against us, because it is.  That’s why Razom is working hard at confirming partnerships with some major international corporations/suppliers in order to deliver goods in bulk and ensure that every time the shipments make the journey to Ukraine, the containers are absolutely filled to the brim.  

In the meantime, the incredible amount of individual contributors seizing the moment to buy up medical or tactical medical supplies in the largest quantities possible are keeping our Emergency Response moving forward.  Thank you to the volunteers in Poland.   Thank you to the doctors across the US and Canada who are leveraging their roles to negotiate purchases on our behalf and even at times making donations “in kind” or waiting days, if not weeks, to be reimbursed.  Thank you to all those who share their on-the-ground intelligence with us so we can coordinate the best routes for shipment.  Thank you to those who have become master coordinators for humanitarian aid.  And of course, thank you to all the donors that care.

Learn more about Razom Emergency Response.


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