Winter Preparedness Grants Make a Difference for Thousands

The war in Ukraine has brought immense hardship, and winter only exacerbated the challenges faced by many communities. Damaged infrastructure and limited resources had left residents vulnerable to the harsh realities of a cold season. This winter, Razom Relief partnered with Ukrainian organizations to provide crucial winter aid, delivering items like firewood, power banks, blankets, gas cookers, and aiding in house insulation and windows, and roof renovations. In this article, we aim to spotlight three of such organizations.

Razom x Bilozerskyi Center for Regional Development

Razom provided funds to the Bilozerskyi Center for Regional Development to distribute winter supplies in Bilozerka and Stanislav. These communities endured a 9-month occupation and, even after liberation, they continue to face the constant threat of artillery shelling. Those who could evacuate did so. Mostly elderly people, large families, and individuals with disabilities remained. Securing their most fundamental needs is an ongoing struggle, particularly during the harsh winter months.

This project provided 44 families with fuel briquettes for heating and 70 families with essential winter kits, including flashlights, thermoses, portable gas stoves, blankets, and socks.

Tetiana Buzhenko, humanitarian staff member at the Bilozerskyi Center for Regional Development: 

“I am amazed at how grateful our fellow villagers are for the help they receive. Some cry, others constantly express thanks. It feels like their cherished dream has come true. It is also sad at the same time, because you understand that people need simple things that they did not think about before, and now they are not able to afford them. Did anyone ever think that we would need portable stoves or flashlights?! I am glad that I can help my fellow countrymen!”

Kateryna Okseniuk, Head of  humanitarian staff at the Bilozerskyi Center for Regional Development: 

“The humanitarian direction in our organization is new, but quite powerful. During all  of 2023, we worked tirelessly to help our communities improve their living conditions, meet the needs of residents so that  necessary things like medicines and goods were available to them. Frankly speaking, it is not easy, but we understand that if we have the opportunity to help, we cannot neglect it. This project shows how much we are needed by our fellow countrymen and how vulnerable they are now.”

Razom x Nove Misto

Nove Misto Charity Foundation is an organization established in 2022 dedicated to providing vital humanitarian aid in Ukraine. Led by construction expert Kyrylo Hordiienko, Nove Misto focuses on restoring damaged civilian structures, ensuring access to utilities, clearing debris, and assisting animals in need. 

In areas like the Kharkiv region, frequently targeted by Russian forces, Razom supported Nove Misto in replacing windows for 21 households. This seemingly simple project provided vital repairs for families struggling with the harsh winter conditions. Damaged windows meant more than just drafts and discomfort; they symbolized compromised safety, increased vulnerability, and a constant reminder of the ongoing struggle.

In the village of Tsupivka, Kharkiv region, Mrs. Nadiya Pavlivna’s story is a testament to the impact of Razom Relief’s initiatives. Faced with a harsh winter and broken windows in her house, she felt hopeless. However, with Razom’s support, Nove Misto replaced her windows, bringing warmth and comfort back to her home.

“Life in the village of Tsupivka has never been easy, but recent years have turned it into a real challenge. My house has suffered serious damage and was deteriorating with each day. Winter was approaching, and the windows were broken. I lost hope that I would be able to change anything because my resources were limited. One day, I discovered the Nove Misto and Razom’s project. Their team arrived and replaced the windows, bringing back warmth and comfort to my home. The gratitude I feel cannot be expressed in words. This is not just a window replacement, it is a return of home and hope.”

In another impactful case, after Mrs. Lyubov Fedorivna’s  home was damaged by shelling, she struggled to survive the cold and drafts. Nove Misto not only replaced her windows but also provided building materials, food, and hygiene kits – essential resources for maintaining dignity and moving forward with her life.

“After the shelling in our village of Prudyanka, my life stopped. My small house, which was my fortress, was damaged by shelling. Living in such conditions, in the cold and drafts, was almost impossible. I prayed every day for a miracle, and one day my prayers were answered. When representatives of Nove Misto came to me, I could hardly believe in the reality of their help. They not only replaced the damaged windows, but also provided building materials for repairs, as well as food and hygiene kits that were so needed.

From now on, looking through the new clean windows, I see not only the village, but also a bright future. Words of gratitude sound in my heart every day.”

Razom x Nabutok

Razom is also partnering with Nabutok, a volunteer-driven organization providing indispensable support to Ukrainians on the front lines and in war-torn areas of eastern Ukraine. Since April 2022, they have delivered over 300 tons of humanitarian aid, making 82 trips to deliver critical supplies to these regions.

“We cannot stand aside,” says Serhiy, the head of Nabutok. “Thanks to partnerships like this, we’ve helped evacuate a lot of families and provided vital resources to countless others.”

Razom awarded a grant to Nabutok to deliver essential winter supplies to families in Krasnohorivka, a frontline settlement in Donetsk Oblast. The grant funded the purchase and distribution of items like flashlights, warmers, power banks, firewood, and blankets, providing a lifeline to approximately 230 families.

Nabutok’s unwavering commitment inspires us all. Their dedication, along with the support of Razom and its donors, makes a tangible difference in the lives of Ukrainians facing immense hardship.


The fight for Ukraine continues, but Razom remains dedicated to working with organizations like Nove Misto, Bilozerskyi Center for Regional Development and Nabutok who are providing life-saving assistance on the ground.

Here’s how you can help:

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Together, we can stand with the courageous people of Ukraine and ensure they have the resources they need.

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