Co-Pilot Project in Scientific Journal

We are thrilled to share with you that our Co-Pilot Project which aims to raise the bar of neurosurgery training in Ukraine has been described and published as a learning case in the scientific journal Science Direct.

“About 5 years ago, I first travelled to Ukraine to meet and operate with neurosurgery colleagues in Kyiv. – writes Dr. Luke Tomycz, the leading neurosurgeon of the Co-Pilot Project team – Since then, our team of surgeons from the United States have assisted colleagues in Ukraine with over 80 major operations on the brain and spine, in addition to consulting on countless hundreds more. I want to thank my friends from the U.S. who have taken time away from family and work to travel to Ukraine, colleagues in Ukraine who inspire us with their resilience and ingenuity, members of our administrative “Co-Pilot” team who meet monthly to work on this project, and members of Razom and the greater Ukrainian community who have supported and donated to this work. We are humbled by your continued support as we look to build epilepsy surgery capabilities at several centers around Ukraine.”

You can find the article available online and for free here.

Earlier, in Fall 2019, the CPP program was also presented at the Princeton University. Read more about the presentation here.

Learn more about the Co-Pilot Project and support neurosurgery training in Ukraine here.

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