Koliadky in the 21st Century

We were very excited for the amazing concert that took place on January 2nd – Koliadky Reimagined: Ukrainian Carols in the 21st Century. Traditional folk met contemporary classical music in this stunning survey of Ukrainian Carols (Koliada) across generations. Ukrainian Village Voices were joined by musicians from the Aeon Ensemble. They performed centuries-old carols passed down orally and contemporary imaginings of these works by Ukraine’s finest living composers. The concert was broadcast live in both HD and 360° Virtual Reality so audiences could enjoy a completely immersive experience.

“I have to say I am loving every aspect of this – the programming, the performance, the music, the mix” – shared Dmytro during the concert. And we definitely forwarded these words to the artists, volunteers and everyone who made this happen. 

Huge thanks to all of you who could join and so supported the bigger goal! The concert was part of a larger fundraising series to help with the production of a centenary concert celebration of Shchedryk’s first performance on the grand stage of the Carnegie Hall in 2022! All proceeds from the tickets are going toward our big vision and huge goal – learn more about and support the 100th anniversary of Shchedryk

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